Gian nan còn đường đi tìm con chữ

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This is pictures of students in highland central Vietnam Continue reading “Gian nan còn đường đi tìm con chữ”


Happy will be soon 

” We will having small pigs soon ” this is a story of the family Ha and Sponsor was gave them pigs rise  Trường family live in Noong De village and one of the most poorest family in the village.Her family is farming but it was hard because all the crops depends for the weather if the weather good they will have good crops but if no have nothing.she had no education,she got 5 children…they earned a month about 25$= 500.000 vnd.  Phanh family had same situation like Trường family. Mrs Phanh she got three kids and her husband died … Continue reading Happy will be soon