Warm clothes giving to children in Nam Can village this winter

Weather in the North and Central of Vietnam has been well divided into 4 seasons but it seems to separate into hot summer and cold winter.  While it is terribly hot in summer days, it is really cold in winter time from Nov till Mar every year.

Nam Can village locates in the mountainous area of Ky Son district, Nghe An province, at the height of 1500 m above the sea level, it is extremely cold in winter time. Children in village have to find their own way to fight again terrible weather. They sometime get familiar with weather conditions but not for the whole crazy cold time every year.

Understanding the basic need for children in Nam Can village, with the words from Ha, Ms Serena Rettenmaier had sent 70 clothes from Australia to children in Nam Can village, after finishing her trip in Vietnam. With the help of co Dung, these clothes have been brought to Vietnam and Ha took it to the hand of children in Nam Can.

Here is some photos when children received these clothes, we would like to say thanks to your kindness, Ms SERENA. For the children here, they would like to send you “CẢM ƠN CÔ SERENA” (mean: thank you, Ms Serena)

nam can charity program 1
A little girl in shyness in receiving clothes.
nam can charity program 4
There is a group of children in the house to receive clothes
nam can charity program 2
They are happy with new bag for school
nam can charity program 3
A happy boy with both clothes and school bag
nam can charity program 5
” Cám ơn cô Serena”

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